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A Friend isn’t Just a Fun to Share with

Keep smiling,keep shining,knowing you can always count on me

Keep smiling,keep shining,knowing you can always count on me

My days in Erfurt-Germany was very excited. Even sometimes I felt homesick, grouching about the weather, peoples, and they. Stressed out until bold and drop coz of many things in my head, I even cannot sleep for a few days. But then, I met this girls; Alice, Mitra and Raikhan. We did many things together in the past, I felt so happy.

Mitra had ever invited me to hang out in her flat together with her neighbours. I did came to her and spent the night with two glasses of champagne,cigarretes, and girl’s talk.  On the first week since our encounter, I didn’t call nor visit these girls coz no mood to grow our friendship more deep. I thought, I don’t need friends during my stayed in Erfurt. Then, when I got drop coz of the bad situations and problems in my life, when I felt so happy coz of the good situations and conditions I fell up, I suddenly realized that I need some body whom I share with. Since then, I started to visit their flat and we started  our friendship.

Mitra introduced her close friend to me also, his name is Christian. Those day was our first encounter. A few days later, we spent our times together intensely in Mitra’s flat; Me, Mitra, Raikhan, and Christian. We watched World Cup 2006 in Christian’s flat (Iran Vs ????), and we watched the semifinal of World Cup 2006 in Mitra’s flat (Germany Vs Argentina). I still remember our time in Miss Marple cafe. There, we spent the night with conversations, jokes, and absorbed in thought. While we walked home together through the dark night, we always sang some old songs together. It was all fun which more than I ever can imagine.

A friend isn’t just a fun to share with. When I fell distress and messy, they cheered me up. Walking to the park, sucked up the fresh air, enjoying urban’s activities while sitting by the way in the afternoon with Raikhan and Alice. They (Raikhan and Alice) always be my pleasure to beaten the road with.

I’ve considered it since I start a friendship with everyone that, every body have their own secret, own problems which never ever being exposed to anyone. We did all together, have some fun together, cheer up each other, and respect each other. I just want they to know that I’m open for their good or bad stories like a garbage bin forever.

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