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Toast for a Good Life

Toast for a good life

Toast for a good life

It’s been more than two years since we were apart. I went back to my land, Raikhan and Talgat went back to Kazakhstan, Alice and Christian originally lived in Germany, Mitra moved to Jena continuing her study, and Zhenyong went back to China to do a business. Every persons do conversions in their life whether heading for a good or bad pathway; getting a good job, continuing study, traveling around the world, intensely hang out with friends, or just trapped in psychotropic. I believe, my friends will choose the best way to get a good life.

The day before I departed from Erfurt, we went to Schmalkalden at the early morning by train. It’s about three hours from Erfurt and one of the hills in Thueringen. Considering my days in Erfurt will came to an end, they planned this trip. Raikhan and Talgat was already in Kazakhstan. Zhenyong said that he’ll bring a couple that is Astrid and Ibo to get on together with us, the rest of us agreed.  Zhenyong cooked pasta, Mitra brought pfirschestee, Christian brought bottles of beer and blanket, Astrid and Ibo cooked cherry jam and brought whole wheat bread for us.

We walked to the hill of Schmalkalden. About two hours away from our start point, we felt hungry so we stoped at the foot hill just to have lunch together. There has a lawn which had been our spot to get a rest on. Just a while after the blanket spreaded out by Christian, a tractor came near to us. Then we’ve got waved away by the farmer. He said, “this isn’t a place to get picnic. Get your ass out of here.” hahhaha…what a funny moment I have. We’ve just laughed and easily found a new spot to take a pause. It’s just a few steps away from the border. Then we continued our peaceably lunch. On the way to the peak, they collected a basket of mushrooms which will be Zhenyong’s ingredient for our dinner. He said that he’ll cook something for us coz those night was our last gathering. Of course, we didn’t skipped the song we always sing. Christian is my best partner to sing a song with.

The trip to Schmalkalden ended with peaceably mind. We our self didn’t do much conversations along our way back to Erfurt. Perhaps we were physically tired and the bed was just our next destination. I remembered that Raikhan often mumbled, “naechste Haltestelle, wohnheim 6…naechste Haltestelle, zimmer…”

Deep in side my heart, I sadly accepted these bitten tongue situation. Even after Zhenyong had cooked us dinner, we had dinner in Mitra’s flat, we still kept this motionless. Not much conversation, was okay. No, we did not spent the whole night together coz I’d got to go at the morning, exactly at 9 am. They choosed not to seen me off in the morning, it was alright. They surely didn’t seen me off upon my leaving.

I ungrudgingly leave Erfurt and they. The past is a past, I shouldn’t look back. I’ve met the bestfriends ever and won’t let them go even they can probably choose to break this friendship for their own goodness. I can probably do it for my sake too. But, I realized that whether the worst or good situation I’ve got in my life, to banish our friendship is never ever being my intention I choose for. Ask me, then I can’t even answer it.

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