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Differences in Language and Nation

Banished friendship is never ever being the intention I choose

Banished friendship is never ever being the intention I choose

At the end of winter in Erfurt, I met some other friends. They were quite funny and “nuts”. Ines who guided me during my stayed in Erfurt introduced me to her friends. They are Jochen, Mathias, and so other whose I can’t even remember their name. Yes, it’s not right. I shouldn’t forget their name and truely I do felt wrong and want to apologize. But no matter what, I will alwas remember them.

I searched through social networks and search engines just to get contact with them but…sadly and unfatefully I was losing track of them. Only Ines, I have her e-mail address fortunately and still keep it safely in my contact list. Even I send her e-mails hundred times, she just have one in a million chance just to reply it to me. She’s got a job, she said. Therefore, she can’t check her inbox intensely nor send some replies. Still, I felt so happy when her reply came to my inbox although it’s just a paragraph of talking nonsense.

Ines, she was a student guide during my stay in Erfurt, especially my guide. She picked me up at the Frankfurt (am Main) international airport. She’s waited of me for about more than two hours. Sitting on the bench and waiting for a novice student came from Indonesia, Me as a matter of fact. Then, after I claimed my luggage, I found her recognize my face and style. An extraordinary foreigner, she said, coz I wear sock together with typically slipper for climber on winter! It has shocked her coz people should shoes on winter, spring, and autumn.

I relied on her as my guide during my stay. She is just like a friend to me, then I started to start a friendship to her from that weeks after my arrival. She responsed it pleasurely, I felt so happy. She invited me to her boyfriend’s birthday party. Bratwurst in all favours offered to me, appetizers laid on the table, drinks, banquettes, and more. They introduced me to their friends and…we went down to the park and…grilled bratwursts. Ines offered me a kind of fillet to grill, she bought it especially for me coz she knows that I suppose not to eat bacon nor ham. And yes, cigarretes and drinks accompanied us till midnight. I went home early with a peacefully day.

Attend at birthday party, having lunch, attend some events, or just sitting at the ice cream cafe just to watch urban activities, had led this friendship more close coz we have these intention. Our intentions to do all those activities together and had lots of fun. Differences in language and nation doesn’t affect our friendship. Language is just one of the tools to communicate the ideas. I speak Denglish (Deutsch-English.red) and Ines speaks Deutsch or sometimes English. We can combine it with body language too. Miss communication could be happened sometimes, but hasn’t it to happen as it for our efforts to show? Language…language…and language…oneway or another, I have to be expert on their language coz I realized that I lived in their land so I supposed to show them some respects for their language and culture. It has normally applied in another country, I guess.

The last news about Ines is she has already broke up with Jochen, and getting a good job since two years ago. She is busy, of course. Therefore, she cannot send me e-mails very often. I have to take her condition lightly and still do correspondencies to her.

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