Die Hecke dazwischen Freundschaft erhält die Freundschaft

Die Hecke dazwischen erhält die Freundschaft

Morethan 20 years I’ve lived on this earth. I’ve met thousand peoples, north to south, and west to east. But only a few of them whose being my friend, my bestfriends ever. Yes, they are my bestfriends ever coz everything in a friend, they have it and even unperfect as a human. Here, I declare my self truely and deeply, friends are very important in my life and what would it be without friends. by Revuesuper.

When I was in elementary school, I do have a bestfriend.  Her name is Ami. She was a hero for me coz she can do Karate. She likes to smack people who is bad for her even for me. We were in this friendship only for two years before we separated by our elementary’s graduation. I’ve ever fight with her because she was cheated on me, but it only once along our friendship. After our graduation, I haven’t seen her for about more than 10 years. Yeah…it was a long-long time ago and I still remember her. She searched me through Facebook and those gives us more chances to make contact. She is more beautiful now, be a real girl and feminine, but still a little bit “crazy”. She is my very-very old friend whom I miss a lot. Through Facebook, we intensely do chatting and comenting each other. I like those activities coz…I just have this feeling into her, a feeling that I won’t discard her as my bestfriend ever. I do not have the reason, really don’t know. I felt this feeling to all my bestfriends too. I searched them through social networks just to keep contact with them.

Although I have this love to all my friends, I can’t resist that a friendship is possibly have a fight. The matter is, how could I keep this friendship evergreen?

For all my friends in this world, I made a part of this blog to write about us. It’s just because we are getting older and could lost some memories.

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